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Press Release: September 5, 2011

Hyphos— Social Media for the Real World

Los Angeles, CA— Hyphos.com is the closest group of friends you never knew you had. Through a platform based on interest and location, Hyphos is a system where users can discover others around them. The beta version will be released for private testing on September 19, 2011 with priority access to early signups.

Hyphos (from the Greek word meaning “web”) was founded in early 2011. The team, headed by CEO Alex Capecelatro, is composed of a group of eight current students and recent graduates from UCLA, Art Center College of Design, Carnegie Mellon and Caltech. Motivated by their own outside interests, the team shares a vision for enabling users to expand their interests and explore the world.

While it has come a long way, the Internet falls short on one very important issue: social discovery. More and more we are building networks around the people we know. Facebook and Google+ include our friends and family. Twitter, the people we choose to follow. 
 These networks do not help to discover and engage with new people.

Features on Hyphos will include the following:

- User-created communities
- Filtering of content based on location
- Semantic discovery of communities and people
- A personalized stream filled with relevant information
- Social resumé (where LinkedIn helps discover professional information, Hyphos helps discover social information)

Among the company's advisors is father of the Internet and UCLA Engineering Professor, Leonard Kleinrock, who says about Hyphos, "It is refreshing to see the enthusiasm and innovation that the Hyphos team brings to the Internet by fostering the discovery and creation of close-knit communities of people whose off-line lives and interests are strongly overlapping. This capability is extremely appealing and long overdue." In addition to their advisors, Hyphos has secured a seed investment from angel investor David Carter and has legal representation from Fenwick & West.

Joining the Los Angeles tech scene, home to MySpace, GeoCities and CitySearch, Hyphos is starting with a local public launch. Beginning with UCLA in September, the company will expand to universities and other communities across the country. To be notified when Hyphos is open in your area, enter your email address at https://www.hyphos.com.

Media Contact:
Alex Capecelatro
738 Westbourne Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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